What the meaning of this feeling? What's wrong with me??

huuufftt, reader, i want to tell you about my feeling now. after met him since three days ago, i felt something wrong in my heart. yuuucckkss, its so disgust -_____- do you know friends, what did i dream last night? oh god, i dreamt about him. huuhh, ckckck i just woke up and say istighfar for a while. why i might dream about him? i don't know. until now i don't know how can i dreamt about him when i didn't think about him? yeah, i know. may be its because of my friends. since i met you in your school, my friends always asked me about you.. hiiyy, its make me desperate.(exaggerate-_-) but, yes, thats right. actually i hate that feeling whoever i feel. include you. in here now. hall c. in cmbbs. there is no teacher. yes, i have known about it. the teachers still doing the prajabatan in Serang. so, until 2 weeks later we will not study with the teachers. its mean we will study by our selves. whereever you have mood for study. i have a target in this year and for some year later. the first is i have to become the best in my class. secondly i must be the best in my memorizing about the AlQur'an. thirdly i have to become the best in my life and for my akhirat. so, actually there is no time for think about the other except the three points. i must give the best for everything i know in my life during i can enjoying my life well. ok, sister, don't ever waste your time now. if you don't want regret about what you do in your life.

take it easy, but don't be slow thinking
don't to be very seriously. just give the best for everyone who you love and love you. just be your self sist... Because God always knows what is the best for you...
the last from me, but not the farewel time.
keep your smiling for everyone in everyday... ^_^

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